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Snap-A-Cover™ for use w/Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™
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Breakthrough Innovation:

The Snap-A-Cover™ flexible design automatically adjusts to the pipe's curve. Placed on top of the pipe, it can be quickly attached with tie-wraps since both the saddle and the Snap-A-Cover™ has matching notches for easy tool free installation using standard zip ties.

Similar to the Snap-A-Saddle Pro™, the sliding lip design at both ends allows the pipes to move freely without damaging the insulation.

Certification: UL classified for USA (UL-723 (ASTM E 84)) and
ULC listed for Canada (ULC-S102.2)

Applications: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Plumbing


Installation: Tool free And convenient, suited for horizontal pipe installation. Snap-A-Cover™ was designed as a single part for all sizes of saddles. A quick knife cut will make the right size of cover needed as shown above.


  • Polypropylene

  • UV resistant

  • Operating temperature -40° to 178°F (-40° to 81°C)

  • Paintable (preserves mechanical properties even after painting)

  • Non-adhesive surface for linear expansion of thermal insulation

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