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Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™ Pipe Support

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(Basic Saddle) + (Adapter) = (Solution for Specific Install)

Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™ - Adaptable Insulated Pipe Saddle

Piping installations require different types of suspension systems, which vary in size.

Snap-A-Saddle Pro Multi™ design adapts to various sizes of strut, H-Beam, floor-mount, Clevis hangers & Steel angles. Thanks to the interchangeable bottom adapters, Snap-a-Saddle Pro Multi™ eliminates the hassle & headaches of compatibility problems you’ve been dealing with for so long!

Snap-a-Saddle Pro Multi™ makes the installer's job easier while standardizing piping installations and improving appearance. Whether you are looking at new or existing installations, the Snap-a-Saddle Pro Multi™ clip-on adapters will adapt to both the suspension system and the selected size of saddle core.

Snap-a-Saddle Pro Multi™ Features:
  • One Part Suits Multiple Applications - Simply change adapters

  • Fastest Installation In The Industry
    40% faster than metal or plastic shields

    80% faster than clamps and collars

  • Keeps Thermal Bridge Intact -
    Prevents insulation damage and compression

  • Tool-Free Installation
    One simple click is all it takes

  • Permanent solution to displacement and/or falling of pipe support

  • Maintains Liquid Line In Place - Eliminates refrigerant leaks

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