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Injection Mold Series
[Interchange with Foster FJT, DME Jiffy-Tite and Jiffy-Matic and Parker Injection Mold Series]

Injection Mold Series Sockets
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45° Connector
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90° Connector
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Injection Mold Series Plugs
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Injection Mold Series couplings are specifically designed for connecting coolant lines to molds and dies, on injection molding machinery in the plastics and die casting industries. Injection Mold Series couplings significantly reduce machine downtime by providing fast and easy connection of coolant lines during mold changes. Their short nipples can be recessed below the surface of the mold for more efficient storage of molds. Injection Mold Series couplers are available with or without valves in the female half. Non-valved couplers provide maximum flow for efficient cooling. Valved couplers shut off when disconnected.

Selection Guidelines

Injection Mold Series couplings are designed for a maximum working pressure of 200 PSI. Most thermoplastic and thermostat heat transfer systems have pumps which provide relatively high flow rates at relatively low pressures. Water and water glycol (anti-freeze) systems usually have capacities ranging from 10 to 40 gpm, with most from 10 to 15 gpm. Normal medial opening pressures are 20 to 60 PSI for these systems. Heat transfer systems using oil generally operate from 10 to 30 PSI. However, their flow rates are usually much higher, requiring the total volume of oil to be circulated at least once per minute.

The number of hose connections in a single mold system results in a cumulative pressure drop. Please note the Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate chart provided, to select the appropriate size.

Temperature is another important consideration. Injection Mold Series couplings with their standard Silicone seal have a temperature capability of -90° to +440°F. Rapid deterioration of the seal and leaking may result if used beyond these limits.

External conditions of temperature, corrosive atmospheres, and other abnormalities may affect coupling performance and must be considered when selection is made. Please consult factory with questions.


  • Rated Pressure: 200 PSI

  • Temperature Range: -90° to +440°

Cat. No. NPT A B C
B-PN251 1/8" .687 .687 1.000
B-PN252 1/4" .843 .937 1.278
B-PN253 3/8" 1.00 .937 1.373
B-PN352 1/4" 1.00 1.092 1.450
B-PN353 3/8" 1.00 1.125 1.574
B-PN354 1/2" 1.187 1.250 -
B-PN554 1/2" 1.250 1.500 1.750
B-PN556 3/4" 1.500 1.562 1.750


Performance Data Flow - water - GPM,
10 PSIG pressure drop
200 Series Straight-Thru 4.5
One Way (valved) 2.3
300 Series Straight-Thru 10.0
High Flow 13.8
One Way (valved) 5.9
500 Series Straight-Thru 28.2

Series Moldmate Pressure
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